Katrina Jackson Talks
Workshop Choices
  1. Brain Compatible Classroom Environment
    Features effective ways of talking to children that enhance self-esteem, stimulate learning, and encourage autonomy. Increases teacher's ability to deal with typical daily situations and problems faced by all while communicating and expecting respect. Includes the 10 Best tips from Eric Jensen and his research. Entertaining and gets results.
  2. The Language of Response-Able Parenting
    An in-depth exploration of skillful parenting through the use of effective Parent Talk. Consists of six, 2-hour modules designed to help parents set limits, create appropriate consequences, design controlled choices, build character, promote independence, and provide helpful feedback. Over 200 trainers now teach this model in 17 states and 5 countries. There is an undeniable link between the words parents speak and the attitudes and outcomes that children create in their lives. Your choice of words, and your communication style, are critical to the self-esteem, emotional health, and personal empowerment of your children. By intentionally selecting words and language patterns that build autonomy and responsibility, you can empower your children and enhance their effectiveness as capable, caring human beings. Learn how to speak in words that nurture, uplift, and inspire. Learn how to hold children accountable for their actions without attacking their spirit or personality. Learn how to set appropriate limits and make controlled choice work for you. Learn to praise in ways that help children develop a strong internal sense of self-esteem. Learn language that promotes independence while reducing learned helplessness. Add to your tool box of parenting skills so that you and your child can become more Response-Able
  3. Teacher Talk Advantage
    This six-hour presentation helps an entire staff develop shared cognition's, a mutual language, and Teacher Talk techniques that can be implemented uniformly throughout the school. It is designed to help staff become skilled at defusing and handling anger, using effective praise, communicating expectations, and holding students accountable without wounding their spirit. Verbal skills that greatly reduce inappropriate behaviors, encourage difficult-to-motivate students, and teach respect and responsibility are included. This one-day seminar equips staff with the skills necessary to return to the classroom with an important and positive advantage when working with their students.
  4. The Teacher Talk Advantage Facilitator Training
    This three-day skill-based training helps local facilitators teach educators how to use verbal skills to create responsible, motivated, achieving students. It includes techniques to assist trainers in learning communication strategies that revolve around the Five Voices of Effective Teaching: Structure, Nurture, Teaching, Debriefing, and Accountability. Participants learn training strategies that allow them to teach the Teacher Talk Advantage with expertise and confidence. Ongoing technical assistance is provided to all graduates. Available only in the summer.