Katrina Jackson Talks
               3 days of
Effective Classroom

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August 12-14th 
Bay City MI 

​Teacher Talk Workshop August 2019 
Katrina Jackson has presented on topics from many of the Parent Talk and
 Teacher Talk books below written by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
Katrina has videos and articles at www.personalpowerpress.com 
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August  2019  Class starts soon  
 ​Learn skills and strategies to do the
greatest job there is parenting.  ​

Our new classes start August 6, 7,& 8th, 2019 
in Bay City MI

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      Parent Talk 
Teacher Talk
The Parent Talk System is a style of communicating

with children that creates emotionally healthy

family relationships.

It is a skill-based program that teaches parents

a series of verbal skills and language patterns

to help them achieve their desired objective:

 raising responsible,

respectful children while reducing stress,

strain, and family conflict.  
The Teacher Talk Advantage is packed with verbal skills that:

Empower, uplift, and affirm.

Motivate and inspire.

Reduce power struggles and learned helplessness.

Build relationship through the use of empathy, understanding, and mutual respect.

Teach personal responsibility.

Help students make decisions and find their own solutions.

Help educators learn a style of communication that helps
students learn how to become successful human beings.